2D Floor Plans and 2D Site Plans

As a traditional component of marketing materials for new properties, 2D floor and site plans are incredibly important in property sales.

They can be used as a single resource or as part of a suite of marketing tools. Our expert team can create informative 2D floor plans, as well as detailed 2D site plans.

The 2D floor and site plans, created by our highly-trained designers, communicate the layout of a property and its surrounding area in the clearest terms. This sense of clarity is essential when it comes to marketing a property, and 2D floor and site plans are perfect for inclusion in a brochure that potential clients can take home with them.

cgi4property also offers 3D floor plans which use CGI technology to immerse the viewer in a fully customizable virtual property. Give us a call today and speak to one of our expert team members to find out which floor plan solution best fits your needs and budget.

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