Drone and Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing a property, technology is playing an increasingly important role. Once upon a time that meant employing a professional photographer and making a slideshow for a particular property, but these days marketing techniques are far more sophisticated.

Video is now the ultimate marketing medium, and an increasing number of potential buyers want to see real-life footage of a property. At cgi4property we use cutting edge drone technology and highly-trained film producers to make the perfect marketing video for you.

Drones provide smooth, professional video footage filmed by fully certified and insured pilots, ready for editing by our expert team. Working in conjunction with you, the client, we bring together video and stills to create a beautiful marketing video that contains all of the information necessary to attract buyers.

Once the video is ready, we can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo for easy sharing between potential clients. At cgi4property we like to stay ahead of the curve in property visualization and marketing, and our drone video marketing services demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries.

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Drone CGI Marketing from CGI4Property on Vimeo.